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Post by Hallucinogen on Thu Jul 16, 2009 9:18 pm

Graphic Rules 244s012

Rules of the graphic section

The Graphics Forum is divided into 3 categories:

* Graphics Requests - the ONLY place to request: Banners, avatars, signatures , buttons of all sort for your forum and more...
* Self-service - Gallery - The graphics that are posted in the above forum are moderated and if they qualify they go to this forum.
* Graphic contest - Members can challenge the contests available for them. Prizes will be distributed.


1. Remember to start with an explicit title, it should contain the general nature of your request for example : "Requesting a Siggy"

Idea Note that requests with invalid or non-explicit titles will be locked or deleted. Also, if you put a title like "I want request NOW!" your request won't be done ; it will be locked.

2. Please be specify what do you want.

Creation Size : YOUR INFO HERE
Animation [YES or NO] : YOUR INFO HERE
Background Color : YOUR INFO HERE
Background Image : YOUR INFO HERE
Text to be Inserted : YOUR INFO HERE
Picture(s) link : YOUR INFO HERE
Font color : YOUR INFO HERE
Extra information : YOUR INFO HERE

You MUST fill out the form if not designers WILL NOT take the request.

It is advised to add exact pixel sizes (width and height) or at least an estimate to the final products size.
Same goes for color... make sure to specify clearly.

3. In general, all members can try to complete a graphics request but the Graphic Staff are the one who are suppose to do it. The Graphics Staff consists of qualified GFX artists that are here to help you in your requests. The Graphics Staff are moderators in any section dealing with Graphics. A GFX Staff member is to be treated with the same respect as any other staff member on this forum. The Graphics Staff are also humans and could be unable to complete a request , or could take longer to complete. Give them some time and space to complete everything.

4. Request BUMPING is tolerated but under strict rules:

• Bumping is permitted every 24 hours.
• There are many requests to be finished so its advised to request only once per week - everyone deserves a fair chance please do not flood the request forum.

5. After a request is completed, it is advised to add [Done] to your topic title... then it is easier for the GFX Staff to clean up. Otherwise Requests are moved to the finished forum after 24 hours.

Graphics Requests won't be completed if your request is not clear, or is impossible to complete.

You are not allowed to

1. Request via PM
2. Double post or impulsively bump threads
3. Flame any members art or argue with the GFX staff
4. Cut in line ( start your own topic... don't bump with your own request in someone's thread)

Commenting and moderating

1) Everyone is entitled to their own opinion... but when commenting finished art by the GFX staff or members please do NOT flame or criticize. You are allowed to post constructive comments but not offensive.

2) Members are not allowed to moderate. Those posts are considered as SPAM and the GFX staff are here to lock and move and advise in threads. Normal members do not have to help us. Don't steal our job.

Members who continue to moderate, spam or flood posts will be warned and warning level will go up. [Gratz on Leveling!]

3) Please be patient. The Graphics staff try really hard to get all the requests done as fast as they can. Remember that we also have lives and that we can make mistakes. We are dedicated to help you but if you stand in our way or interrupt us by being unpleasant or aggressive , we shall not complete the requests and you may end up with warns that can lead to bans.

Be Respectful
Follow the Rules
Be patient
Be grateful

Written by Hallucinogen.

Color used for Moderation.

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