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Graphiexe Tutorial Contest [1st Edition]

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Graphiexe Tutorial Contest [1st Edition] Empty Graphiexe Tutorial Contest [1st Edition]

Post by Hallucinogen on Fri Jul 17, 2009 11:12 pm

Graphiexe Tutorial Contest [1st Edition] 2dm9ke0

You must be wondering why are we hosting a contest. Well the most obvious is that I'd like to encourage some friendly competition and participation on the forums, as well as to offer a gift to aspiring designers and programmers for their hard work. But why a tutorial contest? Because we are all about sharing resources and knowledge, and I'd like to encourage other users to do so too!

On to the details...

The Graphiexe Tutorial Contest [1st Edition] is exactly what it sounds like. It's a competition in which users submit a tutorial/how-to relating to technology: from graphic design to programming, game development to windows tweaks. Towards the end of the month, after the entry deadline, a poll will be created to represent the public opinion of the Graphiexe members as to which tutorial they think is the greatest & most helpful. Voting will span a few days, in which time all users will be encouraged to submit their opinion. At the end of the voting period, 3 winners will be announced. Of those winners, 1st place will receive 500 points, 2nd 350 points, and 3rd 250 points as well. All entries will then be added to the collection of tutorials on Graphiexe for the public to consult, with proper credit of course, and hopefully with some success we'll start a second contest shortly afterwards.

For the rest of the informations and criterias..

Rules & More

  • Users MUST have at least 5 posts to enter the contest.
  • The tutorial must have been written by you yourself. No ripping will be tolerated, and any attempt at such will result in a ban from the forums.
  • The tutorial should be newly written. You may not submit a tutorial already published elsewhere.
  • Only images and text will be accepted. Images must be a maximum of 700px in width. No video tutorials permitted.
  • Tutorial subject must be technology related, and the subject matter may not be illegal or inappropriate. Subjects include programming, graphic design, game development, operating system optimization, etc.
  • During the voting process, each member will be permitted only a single vote. Spoofing will not be permitted, nor will the creation of other accounts for the purpose of voting. Users will be banned if such occurs, and their entry will not be permitted to win.
  • Users are encouraged, during the voting process, to notify as many friends and others as possible as to promote the contest, or even encourage voting.


  • By submitting an entry, you transfer full publication rights of the tutorial to Graphiexe Production.
  • All entries of quality will be published on Graphiexe Tutorial Section and the member's name will be written on the Hall of Fame.
  • You maintain the rights to the work, and will receive credit via author details. You may also include credit in the tutorial itself.
  • We reserve the right to commit modifications to the disclaimer and/or rules at any given time if deemed necessary.


To enter the contest, please create a new topic in this forum with the following format:

Tutorial Name:
Tutorial Description:
Tutorial Catergory:


1st place: 500 Points
2nd place: 350 Points
3rd place: 250 Points


Entry Deadline: -Not decided yet-

Enter today!

Get your entry in soon, as the deadline will approach faster than you think!

Written by Hallucinogen.

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Graphiexe Tutorial Contest [1st Edition] 2r2c2sm

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